Why You Cant Listen to Us Online... Yet

Regardless of their size, audience or format, for the privilege of airing music radio stations pay what are known as "performance rights fees." And if their programming is made available via the internet, they pay a second fee solely for that privilege.

In making its preparations to launch WKRP, Oak City Media budgeted for this, intending from day one to make our programming available through WKRPFM.com. But just as we took to the air, great confusion existed regarding internet broadcasting royalties.

These royalties, determined by the Copyright Royalty Board in five year cycles, were concluding their 2010-15 cycle just as we went on the air. Anticipating up to a 20% increase in our budget, we elected to wait until the CRB set the new rates before proceeding.

As it turned out? We weren't even close. The new royalty structure tripled rates overnight, not only exceeding our budget but exceeding the royalties we pay for our terrestrial signal rights.

With that, adding our signal to WKRPFM.com was set aside. We're currently attempting to secure underwriting sufficient to begin internet streaming as soon as possible, so if you can help us? Please contact us.